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ExR uses a three-phased approach to develop your website. This approach offers you the opportunity to review the website prior to its installation and ensures that you will receive the product you requested.

Phase I, concept development
In Phase I, we discuss with you your site requirements and make suggestions for developing your website. During this phase, we initiate a draft proposal to develop your website design.

This proposal, when approved, defines the agreed-upon site development requirements. It becomes part of the contractual agreement that includes the final estimate and due dates for draft and final deliveries.

Phase II, production and demonstration
ExR develops and demonstrates the website for you.

Phase III, approval and installation
After you have approved the demonstration, we install the web pages on the ExR server. The project is complete when you approve the coded, installed pages.

After the completion of your project, we remain available for future modifications and other services that you might require. We work with you as your business partner.