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Case Study 3


Client: The Urology Clinic, Georgia Lithotripsy and Laser Center

Client Problem
The Urology Clinic wanted a professionally designed, interactive website design that could educate the public in urology, both disorders and treatment procedures; provide an overview of staffing and facilities available; explain and promote practices that reduce risk of urological disorders; and emphasize the clinic's professional excellence.

ExR Solution
We designed and coded a website to maximize The Urology Clinic's goals of visibility, access, and ease of maintenance. The website has the following features:
    • Ready availability of experienced system administrators because ExR is hosting the site
    • Advanced HTML techniques with website design optimized for intuitive navigation
    • Compatibility with a wide variety of browsers
    • Java applets to aid site navigation
    • Textual and graphical representations making information dissemination accessible to wider audiences
    • Opportunities for viewers to learn not only about the practices and procedures regarding urological matters but also about the training, background, interests, and the specialties of the doctors who serve at the clinic
    • Interactivity with forms that solicit further information and invite queries