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Cisco Networking

Local area networks (LAN)
Cisco’s Fast Hub 10/100 Series or 1538 Series Micro Hubs 10/100 can help you plan, design, implement, and manage affordable desktop connectivity for high-performance LAN with low-medium bandwidth requirements. For higher bandwidth applications, the Cisco Catalyst 1900/2820/2900/4000/5000/8000 series of switches offer a highly scalable alternative to shared media devices.

Virtual local area networks (VLAN)
Businesses that want the investment protection of 10 BaseT and 100 BaseTX without the need to replace wiring closet network devices can use the upper-end Catalyst switches by adding a single router switch module. This solution provides an excellent means to segment network traffic and is fully compatible with legacy equipment and lower-end Catalyst products.

Wide area networks (WAN)
Cisco IOS software, when used with Cisco products such as the 800/1600/2500/3600/4000/7000 series of routers, delivers benefits that include reduced traffic across WAN links, data encryption security, quality service, and intelligent/dynamic selection of the most economical WAN links available.

Dial-up service with virtual private networking (VPN) support
The Cisco 1720 access router provides all the necessary components to build a VPN, including the high access router, high-speed encryption, VPN tunnel server, and robust security. For businesses with numerous remote or dial-up users requiring VPN support, the Cisco AS5200/AS5300/AS5800 series of Access products offer an extensible alternative through channelized ISDN or T1/E1/PRI connectivity.
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