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Case Study 2


Client: Athens Area Health Plan Select (AAHPS)

Client Problem
Because of a legal statute, AAHPS was under a tight, unmovable deadline to provide a professional website design that was primarily informative, capable of future refinement, and had a broadly disseminated overview of benefit plans and providers.

ExR Solution
We designed and coded a website to maximize AAHPS's goals of visibility, access, revisability, and ease of maintenance. The website has the following features:
    • Ready availability of experienced system administrators because ExR is hosting the site
    • Advanced HTML techniques with website design optimized for intuitive navigation
    • Compatibility with all browsers, from the most recent versions of Netscape and MSIE to text-only browsers such as Lynx
    • A wealth of information in text and tables, providing answers to a wide variety of visitors
    • Interactivity with links to sites that provide further information
In addition to meeting AAHPS's immediate needs, we make periodic updates to the website, increasing its usefulness to the company and its level of interactivity with the visitor.