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Case Study 3

Overview of the Environmental Geochemistry Group

Client: Westinghouse Savannah River Company

Client Problem
The client wanted presentations of his group's work program and accomplishments for demonstration and distribution at a national technical conference.

ExR Solution
We researched, wrote, and produced information in three formats: a multimedia presentation, printed fact sheets, and an online reference guide. Multimedia services included script writing, multimedia authoring, video editing, audio editing, and animation development. The multimedia presentation used text, graphics, animation, photographs, narration, and video clips to provide a highly visual summary of the highlights of the other products. The fact sheets provided detailed information on the group's sample and data management challenges, problems, and solutions. We also made disk copies of the online reference guide and created a stand-alone WinHelp-based application so the guide could be used on any computer with Windows, without requiring any other software.