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Case Study

Laboratory Data Records Review (LDRR)

Client: Westinghouse Savannah River Company

Client Problem
The client requested that we perform quarterly LDRRs for several of their contract analytical laboratories that provide groundwater and soils analyses results. The LDRR was to include review of both process-specific and sample-specific information.

ExR Solution
Our reviews included
    • Initial calibrations reviews
    • Continuing calibrations reviews
    • Radiological control charts reviews, including weekly and daily background checks
    • GCMS tuning criteria reviews
The process-specific reviews were conducted using process review forms and data records review checklists. The sample-specific reviews were conducted using data records review forms and checklists. We also reviewed sample documentation for every analyte reported, selecting one or two samples per matrix per month depending on the analytical method. We provided the client with written reports of the LDRR results for each laboratory.