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Case Study 1

Custom Programming for a Hazardous Waste Management and Reporting System

Client: Environmental Monitoring Firm and Government Facility

Client Problem
The firm wanted assistance in designing and developing a desktop application for managing information associated with the facility's quarterly inventory program. Federal and state regulations were requiring the facility to provide information regarding hazardous waste activities periodically, and the company needed an efficient, cost-effective, regulation-compliant solution.

ExR Solution
We evaluated the existing information management system relative to departmental organization; responsibilities associated with the hazardous waste management system; workflow and associated reporting elements of the program; and major characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses of current data collection and management.

We designed and installed a custom software program that enables the company to meet the mandated reporting requirements for their waste management program. They are also able to control all data collection and dissemination, which allows them to assess their current situation, to implement well-informed corrective action, and to work within environmental constraints.