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Case Study 9

Data Summary Reports (DSRs) of RCRA Facility Investigation/Remedial Investigation (RFI/RI)

Client: Westinghouse Savannah River Company (WSRC)

Client Problem
The client needed DSRs as part of their RFI/RI projects. DSRs are written after sampling, laboratory analysis, and validation of the RFI/RI project data. The report summarizes what occurred in the field, compares what occurred to the original work plan, and examines the quality of the analytical data.

ExR Solution
We designed and wrote numerous DSRs for RFI/RI assessments at the Savannah River Site. A DSR may incorporate both soil and groundwater sampling events or only one type of event. Standard DSR organization follows this pattern:
    • Executive Summary
    • Chapter 1: Summary of the Project
    • Chapter 2: Data Quality Issues Overview
    • Chapter 3: Validation
    • Chapter 4: References
    • Appendix A: Analytical Methods and Method Detection Limits
    • Appendix B: Laboratory Performance Evaluation Results
    • Appendix C: Formats of the Data Files
    • Appendix D: Data Tables
    • Appendix E: Data Management/Administrative Files
    • Appendix F: Glossary