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Case Study 2

Archival of Legacy Documents, with Added Indexing and Navigation

Client: Judicial Education/Adult Education Project (JEAEP), through UGA School of Law

Client Problem
Contract researchers and writers had created a large quantity of valuable training materials, surveys, reports, and other types of documents for a national continuing education project. Judicial offices requested these documents from the Judicial Education/Adult Education Project on an as-needed basis, but funding to cover personnel, duplicating, and mailing costs was running out.

ExR Solution
ExR created a CD that captured all the legacy documents for viewing and printing in their original page layout, whether they had been delivered to the project office in electronic format or only as printed copy. The documents on the CD could be used by any PC user, regardless of the software originally used to create the documents and regardless of the user's level of software knowledge. One copy of the CD was cost-effectively sent to each participating judicial office.

ExR's Added Value
ExR created specifically for the CD
    • Table of contents with hypertext links ("jumps") to all the documents
    • Conceptual index to the topics covered in the documents
    • Abstracts for those documents that had been delivered to the project electronically
Results for the Client
    • Valuable documents were retained for future use.
    • The investment in contracted trainers was extended many fold by distributing all the documents to all the participating offices.
    • The documents were distributed in a highly usable form that was economical in its storage and distribution requirements as well as being platform- and software-independent.
    • End users needed only a 5-minute learning session to prepare themselves to make full use of the training documents.