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Custom Programming Support

Training manuals
We focus on user-friendly content that is oriented to teaching participants how to do the precise tasks that they perform during their work. Our training manuals' design elements include
    • Content that fits the course outlines and lesson plans developed with and approved by the client
    • Organization by topic area, identification of specific tasks and skills to be covered under each topic area, training objectives for that section, and steps for accomplishing each task
    • Tips and possible pitfalls
    • Hands-on, self-paced exercises that participants can practice while the instruction is still fresh in their minds
    • Screen captures to illustrate written instructions and graphics where effective
    • Clear and straightforward English with a minimum of jargon
    • Layout for easy reading rather than intimidating pages of dense text
    • Effectiveness testing of the training manuals prior to client review
    • Providing at least one draft of the manual for the client's review and comments
    • Proposed test training classes where participants critique the manual's effectiveness and suggest improvements prior to final document production and the training classes
Software user guides and Help systems
Some learners prefer to sit down with a manual and read every word before they start using new software. Others prefer to sit down, start the program, click on some buttons and menu items, and begin work.

Whether you develop software or want to implement someone else's software in your company, we can give your users both types of learning assistance by
    • Analyzing the user profile and deciding what information to include and in what order
    • Organizing and thoroughly cross-referencing, so the user may proceed systematically through a detailed description of every step in a process or dip in to find just the one bit of information needed to resolve an unexpected difficulty
    • Understanding that business and professional software users perform mission-critical tasks, so our documentation is task-oriented rather than descriptive
    • Making sure the documentation also provides information for someone who wants a description of every icon and menu item