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Case Study 10

Mixed Waste Management Facility (MWMF) RCRA Part B Permit Application

Client: Westinghouse Savannah River Company (WSRC)

Client Problem
The client needed assistance in preparing modifications to the MWMF RCRA Part B Permit Application.

ExR Solution
We helping prepare and submit approximately 10 required documents/document modifications to the MWMF RCRA Part B Permit Application to provide characterization, evaluation, and corrective action information for four groundwater contaminant plumes originating from beneath the MWMF and the Old Radioactive Waste Burial Ground. Tasks included conducting statistical analyses of groundwater monitoring data, developing groundwater protection standards, evaluating groundwater remediation technology, overseeing groundwater modeling efforts, developing corrective action plans, developing a mixing zone request, and coordinating all supporting work performed by WSRC and other subcontractors.