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Case Study 4

Records for Groundwater Monitoring Wells

Client: Westinghouse Savannah River Company (WSRC)

Client Problem
The client needed comprehensive compilations of Savannah River Site monitoring well records to facilitate groundwater monitoring and surveillance in compliance with government regulations.

ExR Solution
We developed, wrote, and updated the following:

Well Inventory
We researched and compiled the information and designed the original well inventory in 1987 and then redesigned it as a public document in 1991. This document
    • Compiles information on wells referenced in client documents since the 1950s
    • Includes monitoring, production, research, and other wells
    • Contains location and construction information about each well
    • Clarifies or explains peculiarities in the wells' naming conventions or documentation
    • Provides maps that identify and locate all wells in the compilation
To verify the data for the well inventory, we maintained source notes for all data in the inventory.

Savannah River Site Groundwater Monitoring Program Well Installation Report
We researched, assembled data, and produced the first well installation report in 1991. This report provides surveying, construction, stabilization, maintenance, and abandonment information on all new wells at Savannah River Site and summarizes records of environmental soil borings.

Savannah River Site Groundwater Monitoring Plan and Screening Program Wells
We wrote and updated these documents for Savannah River Site to comply with Department of Energy (DOE) Order 5400.1, which requires a written groundwater monitoring plan for each DOE site that produces, uses, generates, releases, or manages pollutants or materials hazardous to groundwater paths.

The groundwater monitoring plan identifies regulations and requirements applicable to the protection of groundwater and contains the rationale, specific elements, and quality assurance requirements of the Savannah River Site groundwater monitoring program.

The screening program wells report is a related document that lists and describes the wells to be monitored for each waste site or facility under the client's screening program and includes a piezometric surface map.