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Case Study 3

Research Report on Impact of Reactor-Area Facilities on Groundwater

Client: Westinghouse Savannah River Company (WSRC)

Client Problem
The client wanted a comprehensive report to replace existing documents that were difficult to understand and fragmented. Previously, groundwater had not been thoroughly studied in the reactor areas, and traditional emphasis had been focused on the off-site impact of reactor facilities and not on on-site effects.

ExR Solution
We wrote Impact of Reactor-Area Facilities on Groundwater at the Savannah River Site. The report synthesizes the following information:
    • The processes involved in isotope production, with particular emphasis on environmental and health safeguards
    • The operating history and current status of the facilities in the reactor areas
    • Incidents and releases that have had a real or possible effect on the environment
The major features of the report include
    • A summary of the previous 10 years of data for each of the monitored sites
    • Detailed data for constituents that exceeded standards
    • Tables, timelines, time series plots, maps, figures
The report was based on unsummarized data from the client's database and on 170 unclassified source documents including incident reports, internal and external technical documents, environmental reports, and personal communication with engineers and managers at the reactor areas.