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Case Study 1


Client: Mauldin & Jenkins Certified Public Accountants & Consultants, LLC (M&J)

Client Problem
M&J needed to replace their existing website with a new website design improved in both appearance and functionality. They wanted the new website to be interactive, including the following capabilities:
    • Allow all M&J employees to be involved in publishing items on the website
    • Allow ordering of healthcare accounting products online
    • Control access to areas of the site for clients, employees, or other registered visitors
    • Allow visitors to the site to submit requests for more information
    • Allow visitors to submit their résumés via the website
ExR Solution
We used Lotus Notes and Domino to develop an interactive website to the specifications outlined by M&J. We designed the look and feel of the website based on M&J's existing marketing material. The website design now includes the following features:
    • A listing of locations and directory of firm members
    • Information on M&J's accounting practices, news, events, partners
    • Employment information, including résumé submission capabilities
    • A section for visitors to submit information requests
    • The ability of M&J employees to compose and submit events, news articles, and tax tips from their Notes workstations
    • Computer security at all stages and at all levels