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Custom Software Development

All software development projects involve the following three main elements, and all three elements must have the appropriate focus in order for the project to succeed.
    • End results. When users answer the question, "What will the software do to make my job easier?", they enable project managers to design a program that addresses their everyday needs.
    • Design specifications. Typically, not enough time is spent writing blueprints for the software package. Project managers should focus at least one-third of their time on preliminary design.
    • Project management. Any software development project should be managed by a small team consisting of project managers, programmers, documentation specialists, and at least one end-user who acts as a representative of the user community.
We employ these three elements using the following development approach:
    • Draft system specifications based on client's specific needs for client approval
    • Design the system for client approval
    • Draft and deliver formats of all screens for client approval
    • Deliver final design documentation for client approval
    • Develop and deliver the functional product and preliminary user documentation for client testing and approval
    • Deploy the system and deliver revised user documentation for client testing and approval
    • Correct any deployment deficiencies and deliver final user documentation for project-end client approval.
Case Study 1
Topic: Custom Programming for a Hazardous Waste Management and Reporting System
Client: Environmental Monitoring Firm and Government Facility

Case Study 2
Topic: Geochemical Information Management System (GIMS)
Client: Westinghouse Savannah River Company
You provided valuable technical advice during development and worked long hours at short notice during implementation in order to complete the task when required. This effort would not have succeeded without your help. Walt Kubilius, Westinghouse Savannah River Company, Aiken, SC