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Documentation Project Management and Production Management

Our documentation project management model
    • Information planning. We gather information about the proposed document and the intended user and develop a written proposal and preliminary cost estimate for approval by the client.
    • Content specifications. We develop the scope of the work and content of the document with the client and write a contents specifications document for approval by the client.
    • Document creation. We monitor and track the development of the document; write, format, illustrate, and review drafts of the document; provide drafts to the client for review; and obtain client approval for final production.
    • Production. We produce the camera-ready copy, oversee the production of multiple copies, and deliver the completed document copies to the client.
    • Evaluation. We evaluate our work, make corrective actions if necessary, and plan for process improvements.
Our documentation project management system

Our system, developed by ExR, allows us to record and track tasks, staffing, resources, milestones, deadlines, and other information in one database and to monitor costs and hours spent by the quarter hour. The software helps us prevent scheduling conflicts and cost overruns.

Our documentation quality assurance process

We follow a quality assurance process for creating documents that involves at least five review steps: verification, technical review(s), editorial review, copyediting, and audit. The audit includes a corrective action component to aid continuous improvement of the quality assurance process.

Looking good guys! I want to congratulate everyone on a job well done under time pressure. Allan Tear, President/COO, WhyDataWorks, Athens, GA