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Case Study 5

Groundwater Monitoring and Corrective Action Compliance Reports

Client: Westinghouse Savannah River Company (WSRC)

Client Problem
The client needed the following services:
    • To revise and produce recurring groundwater monitoring and corrective action compliance reports under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control permits
    • To improve the timeliness and cost-effectiveness of producing these reports, leaving the client engineers and restoration/remediation experts free to get back to their specialties
    • An effective quality assurance and quality control to ensure regulation compliance
ExR Solution
To revise the compliance reports, we
    • Researched and wrote a brief history of each site
    • Developed data presentations to meet the requirements of the permits
    • Designed the text, hydrographs, time series plots, and data tables
    • Introduced appropriate references and a References section
    • Introduced an Errata section to accommodate data received or revised after report deadlines
    • Introduced a new standards appendix and updated a previous standards appendix
    • Implemented a quality assurance plan for the documents
    • Created a complete procedure manual for producing these reports
For the ongoing reports, which ranged in size from approximately 75 to 1,500 pages, we
    • Created tables, figures, charts, and maps
    • Wrote text and edited client-produced text
    • Submitted draft reports for review and subsequently corrected and modified drafts
    • Provided final reports in both paper and electronic formats, including on CD-ROM
    • Adhered strictly to regulatory guidelines and deadlines