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Environmental Assessments and Compliance Support

We conduct Phase I and multiphase site investigations, design and oversee corrective-action activities, and prepare reports ranging from Phase I environmental site assessments to corrective-action summaries. We are familiar with applicable state and federal regulations, current standards that apply to environmental assessments, and innovative investigation techniques that result in time and cost savings to the client.
Phase I environmental site assessments consist of the following as identified in American Society for Testing and Materials Standard E 1527:
    • Title/deed search to identify previous owners/operators of a site/facility
    • Review of all available environmental regulatory records (e.g., permits, previous environmental assessments, violations) for the property
    • Review of available regulatory records for all properties within a reasonable distance of the subject property
    • Review of fire insurance
    • Review of historical, aerial, and topographic maps of the area to identify potential environmental impact sites
    • Interviews with facility, local emergency response, and regulatory personnel to determine historical and current environmental problems
    • Site walkover by the assessor to identify additional areas of concern, current environmental problems, and site physical data
See the FAQ for additional information on Phase I environmental site assessments.
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