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What is hosting?

Hosting is letting someone else store your data so that you don't need to worry about the maintenance, backup, and storage of your vital information.

What is hosted?
    • The most commonly hosted resource is websites. Many businesses don't have the bandwidth to support all the visitors to their websites. The solution? Let ExR host your website for you. We've got plenty of bandwidth to fill your needs, and as your demand increases, we can allocate more to you.
    • Applications are another resource that is often hosted. The "Application Service Provider" concept is a model that, if implemented properly, can truly provide cost savings to a company. ExR can host your applications, either through Java-based applications in the browser or through Citrix MetaFrame and Windows Terminal Server applications, and your personnel can access what they need from anywhere without lengthy setup and configuration. All you need to worry about is the bandwidth.
    • ExR can also host basic data for you. It often goes hand in hand with application hosting, since the data produced in the applications is normally stored in the remote location as well. Or we can store just your data. And because we're storing it, you know it's safe from hackers, natural disasters, and insider goof-ups.