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Network Security Services

    • External penetration testing
      Tests infrastructure for existing vulnerabilities from an external Internet connection and provides a detailed report of findings with recommendations to enhance your security
    • Internal vulnerability assessments
      Ensures computers on your network are using latest security patches and are not infected with viruses, worms, backdoors, or Trojan horse programs and prevents hackers from using your servers to base an attack on other networks
    • Firewalls
      Protects networks from unauthorized users and allows secure access for employees and customers to web servers, email, etc.
    • Intrusion detection system
      Monitors your network for unauthorized access attempts, logs attempts, forwards alarms to appropriate resources for action, and allows for a variety of reporting and alerting
    • Post-incident analysis
      Analyzes your systems after an incident to assess the goals of the intruder, cleans up compromised systems, and implements appropriate security measures to prevent future problems
    • Security policy development and enforcement
      Ensures that employees, spammers, and hackers are not inappropriately using your resources, logs or blocks restricted activity, and reports on which Internet sites are being visited
    • VPN/remote access
      Provides cost-effective way to communicate with remote offices or business partners and fast, secure connectivity for remote workers over affordable DSL or cable connections
    • Virus protection
      Incorporates the latest virus protection, updates mechanisms on individual desktops, and stops viruses at network perimeter before they can infect individual machines
    • Backup and disaster recovery
      Designs a backup and disaster recovery plan that will get your business back up and running fast should a system failure occur and implements off-site backups for redundancy and security
    • Secure communications
      Provides secure email, web authentication, and user verification solutions